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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Awesome logo footage videos made by me!!

Hi everyone! Today I want to share my logo footage videos, awesomely made using a commercial software that can be easily obtained in To remind you, these footage clips are ideally to be watched in High Definition. So, you should watch in either 720p quality or 1080i for better visual graphics experience. Here are the videos:

1. Transformers Logo

2. Revealer Logo

3. Form and Stroke Logo

So, how do I make these videos? Here is the recipe:-

1. First and foremost, you need your personal computer (PC). Laptops and netbooks are highly not recommended for heavy graphics project. Usually, PCs are specifically designed to do the dirty jobs (well I mean is the heavy jobs), as laptops and netbooks are streamlined to be mobile and light whilst the processing power is minimised. Budget PCs with 3.0 GHz of processing speed and 2GB of memory as well as 128MB  graphics card should do the job. Unless, you're wealthy enough to afford a laptop of Core i7 system and SLI/Crossfire graphics card, you need no PC at all to start with.

2. Next, you need a Macintosh or Windows-based or operating system. Linux-based operating systems such as ArchLinux, Gentoo, Ubuntu and Fedora are not supported officially by Adobe Inc unless if you have enough knowledge to know "Wine in Linux". Basically, Wine is an open source software which enables you to execute Windows executable files (such as .dll, .exe, and .ocx file types) in Linux. Confuzzled? Okay, I won't talk about Wine anymore. Windows XP or 7 will do the job nicely.

3. After your system is nicely prepared, the next thing you should need is the essential Adobe After Effects CS5.5. You can get the trial of this software on For beginners, 30 days of trial is enough to learn the basics of this software. If you're rich enough, you can buy the software directly from the official site at for only £ 1047.60 / RM 5190.32. Quite cheap isn't it? :') After that, install it on your computer.

4. The next thing you need to do is learn the basics. You can search for websites that or just take a look on YouTube, there are plenty of decent tutorial clips that can guide you to the world of After Effects Magic Arts. 

5. Obviously, you need talent and the ability to imagine things. No talent, no clips.

6. Actually, I have no time to reveal the exact steps to make those footage clips. Don't worry, if you have no idea what the fuss I'm talking about, take your time to learn as making complicated yet beautiful clips like these surely take most of your leisure time. So, learn the basics first, and then continue with the intermediate and expert level of learning the computer-generated-image (CGI) techniques. 

Okay then, see you later!!